Wednesday, 23 May 2012


The thing I like about Redbubble is that it's a site that appreciates your art for its aesthetic quality and just purely for its monetary value, although it is rewarding when some buys your imagery. I have considered joining sites like iStock Photo ; however, I find the challenge of producing imagery with so many specific requirements boring and contrived. Don't get me wrong, not wishing to appear flippant, there are brilliant photographers on istock but it just doesn't suit me. I do understand it's about retaining quality and using imagery for commercial use, but for me, imagery is not just about how sharp or how many megapixels your packing.

I may be going off tangent a bit, but I've observed many photographers who look at photographs only to comment on how sharp they are and not appreciate the image. Although, I have been able to take advantage of this megapixel surge. Both my cameras were purchased second hand from a small photographic shop the Camera Box. The advantage of buying from a local camera shop is that you can always go back if anything goes wrong. For the same price as a new compact camera, £150, I purchased a Lumix fz50; 10MP, 12x optical zoom and 35mm - 420mm. The second camera I purchased was the Pentax K10D; 10.2MP with a  Pentax lens, SMC-DA-18-55mm-f35-56.

Checking out the reviews and prices I was surprised. Both were held as flagship cameras at the time, the Lumix more for its Leica lens. The Pentax is steel cased and sealed so I don't have to worry about humidity and the finest dust particles. At the time, the Pentax and lens would have been over £1000, I payed £300.

The point I'm making is this; the dealer in the shop informed me that both cameras were only a few years old and the owners sold them merely to get more megapixels, and that's fine. It means that if your looking for a camera on a budget that gives you pro quality and feel, buy second hand. Have had the Pentax for over a year now and its only cost me £36 for a sensor clean and inspection. It is expected to have this type of camera serviced occasionally to insure quality of performance. It is worth it though, have purchased expensive compacts before that only lasted a few years and weren't worth repairing. The Pentax and Lumix perform very differently from each other as one is an SLR and the other a bridge camera. I prefer the Pentax.

To get back on track, for me, Redbubble is not only a site to sell your art, but where other people give you positive feedback and take an interest in your images. Photography is one of my main passions but unfortunately is no longer my main occupation. For me, Redbubble is great drive and way to keep me linked with other photographers.

                                                                      Lumix fz50/Bridge



                                                                  Pentax K10D/SLR


                                                                    RjD of The Amber Thieves


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