Sunday, 6 May 2012

Phone photography and apps.

I recently purchased a Samsung GalaxySII 8 mega. Android phone. I  was initially drawn towards the iPhone; however, having read a few reviews I felt the Galaxy suited my needs more. One particular fault I had with the iPhone is that you can not place your photographs into separate folders. This can be annoying when locating or grouping photographs.
The features I am most excited about with the Galaxy are the camera apps.  Having tried most of the apps., they more or less give you the same features; however, it's worth trying free apps. I particularly enjoy using Retro camera which gives you six camera types. Effect Booth allows you to create mirror, distortion and other effects. I also use two other camera apps for editing; LittlePhoto,  nice Lomo effects, and Pixir-o-matic for vintage effects. Both these camera apps also take good photographs. The Galaxy's 8 mega. camera is also handy when I haven't got my cameras at hand. Have used it to take group shots, which will blow up to 10x8 prints.

                                                                  GalaxySII: Mirror - bnd photography


                                                           GalaxySII: Retro Camera - bnd photography

                                                                      bnd photography - instagram

                                            bnd photography

                                                      further Link: Drop test - iPhone vs. GalaxySII

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